Chicago Children’s Museum on Navy Pier

The Chicago Children’s Museum on Navy Pier has been delivering a unique, hands-on approach to educational fun since 1982. From relatively humble beginnings (the museum originally consisted of two hallways in the Chicago Public Library), the Museum has grown by leaps and bounds.

Today, the Chicago Children’s Museum is the 4th-largest children’s museum in the country, and is visited by more than 500,000 people each year. The museum moved to its current location at the Navy Pier in 1995. The 57,000 square foot facility offers up three stories of exciting attractions and activities. The museum’s many varied exhibits are geared towards children aged 10 years old and younger and their families There are a dozen permanent exhibits offered at the Chicago Children’s Museum.

Highlights include the Dinosaur Expedition, which allows kids to play archaeologist in a real excavation pit, and the Inventing Lab, where kids can put their thinking caps on to invent flying machines and other gizmos. The BIG Backyard serves as a playground of exploration, allowing kids to learn more about the wonders found in their own backyards.

In addition to permanent exhibits, the museum also offers a number of rotating exhibits and calendar events. These short-term activities offer something new for the little tykes to encounter every time they visit. Calendar events are varied, and include anything from classes that let kids make their own instruments, to hula hoop fitness sessions.

There are plenty of activities at the Chicago Children’s Museum to fill an entire day. However, the museum is just one of many kid-friendly attractions that can be found at Chicago’s Navy Pier. As such, once the kids grow weary of dinosaurs, enchanted forests and arts & crafts, they can venture out to the Pier for amusement park rides, IMAX movie screenings and more.

Chicago Children’s Museum Hours

Daily 10am – 5pm

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