City Sightseeing Guide to San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge The Golden gate Bridge is San Francisco’s most famous landmark. Built in 1937, linking San Francisco to Sausalito, the Golden Gate bridge is 1.7 miles long and a San Francisco attraction not to be missed. Designed by architect Joseph Strauss, the bridge is suspended from 2 cables each made up of over 20,000 individual strands of wire which if laid out would measure over 80,000 miles. The engineer drawings called for the bridge to be painted in black and yellow stripes to make it visible to ships and passing aircraft. Thankfully the designers went with a more aesthetically pleasing look and painted it International Orange which ts in with its surroundings and allows for better visibility in the fog. You can often see the fog wrapped around the bridge like the picture above, and it has become so famous it even has its own instagram and twitter accounts named @karlthefog About Top Tip Make sure to wear multiple layers if walking the bridge as it tends to get foggy and windy even if its warm in the city. Ways to see it Bus: Public transit to the Golden Gate Bridge is not easy surprisingly given its fame. We recommend taking a City Sightseeing Hop On Hop O bus which you can take from Fishermans Wharf or Downtown San Francisco directly to the bridge, hop o and catch the next bus that comes along. Bike: Another popular method of getting to the Golden Gate Bridge is by bike. Bay City Bike o ers either guided tours or simply rent the bike and do your own thing. Cycle from Fishermans Wharf, through the Marina district and over the bridge into Sausalito where you can leave the bike and catch a ferry back. Boat: To see the Golden Gate Bridge from a more unique angle, get on the water and sail under it. The Blue and Gold Fleet Bay Cruise departs from Pier 39, sails around Alcatraz and then out towards the bridge. After sailing under the bridge and close to the Paci c ocean you will come back along the coastline of Fisherman’s Wharf. Sausalito About Located at the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge is the beautiful town of Sausalito. The town is popular with local artists, probably seduced by its stunning views of the Bay and San Francisco. There is a very quaint mediterranean feel to it with lots of restaurants, art galleries andboutiques, it is a great place to spend an afternoon wandering around. It can be reached easiest by Ferry from Pier 39, Blue and Gold Fleet have frequent departures every day.